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30 Mins Advanced Backbend With Yoga Wheel

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This 30-minute advanced backbend yoga class using a yoga wheel is designed for experienced yogis who want to deepen their backbending practice and explore new ways to access their backbend postures. The yoga wheel is a versatile prop that can be used to challenge your balance, increase your flexibility, and create a deeper opening in your spine. In this class, we will begin with a brief warm-up to prepare our bodies for the backbending practice. We will then move into a series of dynamic and static backbending postures using the yoga wheel. These postures will include variations of wheel pose, bridge pose, camel pose, and more. We will focus on proper alignment, breath awareness, and mindfulness throughout the practice. The yoga wheel will be used to support and deepen our backbends, allowing us to access deeper stretches and release tension in the spine. We will explore different ways to use the wheel, including rolling it up and down the spine, using it as a prop for our hands and feet, and using it to support our hips and shoulders. This class is not recommended for beginners or those with injuries or limitations in the back or spine. It is important to listen to your body and modify or rest as needed. Come prepared with a yoga mat, comfortable clothing, and an open mind to explore new possibilities in your backbending practice.



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