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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enroll for your classes?

Go to "Buy A Class", pick the first option "Introductory trial $280/2classes" and checkout. We will create an account for you using the email you provided and update your credit. Once done you can book your classes right away.

What do I need to prepare for Class? Do I need to bring a mat?

Just come to class in comfortable yoga wear. We have Manduka Mat for all classes and Dharma Wheels for wheel classes

However, if you want to bring your own mat it is always welcomed. :D

I am a beginner to yoga, what classes should I pick? Do you have beginner classes?

Yes, all classes are suitable for beginners except Vinyasa2.

You may choose relaxing stretch with start with. But if you want more challenges, you can also try Hatha, Vinyasa, Gentle Flow, Detox Flow, Dharma Wheel classes.

Do you have private yoga?

Yes, we have private yoga instruction. Please contact for more details.

Can I go to all centres, North Point and Sheung Wan studios with my pass?

Yes! All students have access to both locations with our standard pass! Are you as excited as we are? :D

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